English Walnut - Kimber Micro 9 Grips -Round Scales (mic9rnd)

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English Walnut
Exotic Hardwood
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3D engraved scale pattern grips. Can be ordered for the ambidextrous safety model or single safety model.

English Walnut is the King of Hardwoods for use in prized gunstocks. Its figure, color, and strength make it the choice of almost all the top gunmakers.

Whether this Walnut goes by name English, Turkish, French, European, or Circassian, its all the same species. Often the choice of name is based on the location the trees were harvested.

I found a great source for some very nicely figured English Walnut that will make some exceptional grips. These are cutoffs from the production of a high end gunstock blank supplier. This wood is from trees in the western US and from the Republic of Georgia. I'll be featuring more of these grips in the near future. And the price is incredible for grips with this kind of figure! You'd expect to pay twice as much.

These are production grips and the color and grain will vary.

Proudly Made in U.S.A. by RAASCO Grips