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1911 Grip Thickness / Screws

What is the differnce between Standard Thickness and Slim Thickness 1911 Grips?

Our Standard Thickness grips run about 0.26" thick at the center of the grip. Our Slim Thickness grips run about 0.165" thick at the center of the grip. Thickness of magwell grips can vary slightly from these thicknesses as we match the height of the magwell.

We use the convention of listing grips as Standard or Slim based on the above thicknesses for all the 1911 style grips we sell. Nearly all Para C6 guns and most Springfield EMP guns come from the factory with Slim grips but we build grips in either thickness for these guns.

How do I tell if I have Standard or Slim Grips on my 1911?

An easy indicator of grip thickness is to compare the height of the grips to the height of the plunger tube between the slide release and thumb safety on the left side of the gun. The standard height of the plunger tube is 0.16" tall. So if the grips are about the same height as the tube, you have slim grips. If the grips are taller than the tube by more than 1/16", then the grips are Standard Thickness.

Can I use my factory grip screws?

In most cases the answer will be yes. But there are exceptions. Following are several of the most common screw fit answers.

Most 1911s - 1911s from Kimber, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Les Baer, STI, Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, Nighthwak Custom, Springfield Armory, Colt, Rock Island Armory, Metro Arms, Citadel, and nearly all other custom 1911s with standard thickness grips can use the factory screws. Some models from these manufacturers will have slim grips and may need to have new bushings and screws to go to Standard Thickness Grips. Alternately, Slim Thickness Grips can be installed by changing to our Slim Grip Screws and Bushings.

Taurus PT-1911 Grips - Taurus uses a larger diameter grip screw. We build all Taurus grips to use the factory screws which have a larger diameter head than a standard 1911 grip screw. We can build them with standard counterbores for 1911 screws on request. Slim Grips can be installed on the Taurus with a change to our Slim Grip Screws and Bushings.

Norinco - You can use the factory screws on Standard Thickness Grips but the threads on the bushings are not standard 1911 so you CANNOT install Slim Grip Screw Bushings.

GSG, Colt, Walther 1911- .22 - Our Standard Thickness 1911 Grips fit the imported .22 LR 1911s with the factory grip screw. These guns have a non-standard thread on the bushings so you CANNOT install Slim 1911 Grip Bushings on the gun for use with Slim Grips. Also note that these guns need a special Ambidextrous Safety Cut as the retention lever sits lower on the gun and is slightly thicker. Include a note when you check out and we can include this modified Ambi Cut.

Colt New Agent - The Colt New Agent has Slim Grips from the factory but uses a screw with a larger head. The screw needs to be replaced to use our Slim Grips on this gun.