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Why build a Taurus PT-1911 Grip?

Taurus builds a Model 1911 but the Taurus gun has several differences that make a Taurus specific grip convenient. Our Taurus line of grips are modified from standard 1911 grips to account for the differences between the Taurus PT-1911 and standard 1911 grips. These grips are designed to be a direct replacement of the factory grips, using the factory screws. Here are the features that require changes to the grips:

  • Larger Counter Bore to Match oversize Taurus Grip Screw
  • Lowered Grip Edge to Clear Low Mounted Safety Lever
  • Deeper Ambi Cut for Thicker Safety Retension Lever
  • Wider Grip at Front Edge for Flat Taurus Frontstrap

Our Taurus PT-1911 line accounts for all of these differences and makes the grips a true fit to the gun.

We build Taurus PT-1911 grips in all of the materails we use for standard 1911 grips, including Exotic Hardwoods, Hardwood Laminate and Phenolics.

The grips are shaped in the traditional 1911 style with the top of the left side panel slightly covering the plunger tube and the bottoms of the grip panel beveled. These grips leave the mainspring housing pin exposed unless the covered pin option is selected.

These grips are built with a typical 1911 thickness that fully fits the hand without being overly thick. Grip thickness runs between .255" and .265" thick at the center of the grip. This thickness is slightly thicker than the plastic Taurus factory grips that run about .235" thick.